t3's learning tools are interactive, multi-media tools and resources that teach knowledge and skills using computers, tablets, and smartphones. We are currently developing an online video game for teaching Motivational Interviewing.



Changing the ConversationJeff Olivet, activist, writer, and CEO of Center for Social Innovation, interviews health and human service experts, teachers, researchers, and advocates. Conversations focus on critical and timely topics related to homelessness, trauma, mental illness, and addition. 



26 August 2015 - Racism, Homelessness, and Social Justice - Jeff Olivet 

9 September 2015 - Boundaries in Human Services: Navigating the Grey Areas - Ayala Livny

16 September 2015 - Forgotten History: Integrating LGBTQ Youth into the Mental Health System - Marc Dones

23 September 2015 - Using the TICOMETER to measure organizational levels of trauma-informed care - Rachel Latta



Safety in Support: An Interactive eBook on Trauma-Informed Care

Changing the Conversation: An Interactive Tool to Build Motivational Interviewing Skills


Assessment Tools

TICOMETER: an online instrument that enables you to measure the level of trauma-informed care (TIC) in your agency.