t3 (think. teach. transform.)

t3 is a training institute dedicated to improving care for people who are marginalized and vulnerable. We focus on equipping the health and human services workforce with best practices. Using state-of-the-art research, teaching methods, and technology, we help individuals, agencies, and communities deepen the impact of their work. 

 At t3, we work together with you to:

  • think creatively about implementing solutions to complex problems.
  • teach best practices through interactive, experiential learning.
  • transform how people work with people.

 Our state-of-the-art learning products include:

Knowledge @ Work Webinars: Engaging, flexible, self-paced online units designed for learning at home or in the office. Ideal for new staff orientation, training an entire agency or community, preparing volunteers, or as a refresher for experienced staff.

t3 tapas are short video tutorials that provide insight into key concepts under a larger topic. Each bundle includes between five to ten tapas that range from three and twelve minutes in length. 

Live Online Courses: Instructor-led online courses that delve deeply into specific evidence-based and promising practices. We use cutting-edge, easy-to-use technology to engage learners in conversation with one another and expert instructors.

Onsite and Blended Learning:  Custom Packages consist of Interactive training that combines Knowledge @ Work Webinars, Live Online Courses, Onsite Training, and Private Coaching. Packages include peer interaction, case examples, and ongoing coaching.

Learning Tools: Interactive, multi-media tools and resources that teach knowledge and skills using computers, tablets, and smartphones. We are currently developing an online video game for teaching Motivational Interviewing.

One-time training events seldom result in lasting changes in practice. To translate knowledge and skills into everyday work, learning happens most effectively over time, through relationships, and with ongoing follow-up support. We draw from best practices and seek to connect people through communities of practice to address common challenges and share successes. Whether it's training for staff in a particular role, an agency-wide need on a specific topic, or individual professional development, we will design a t3 training experience that works for you.